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Amazing Product

- by Angie P

I developed hives all over my face, neck and arms after a reaction between a eucalyptus rub and having face cream on with retinal. I had hives for 3 weeks when I decided to order Oxyhives. The prescribed steroid cream helped a little, and the oral steroid helped until I stopped taking it but just flared up again . I was done with being miserable and at my wits end when I finally ordered it. Within a week of placing Oxyhives under my tongue as directed, they were GONE!!! It worked for me perfectly. I read some of the reviews and obviously it didn't for everyone but if you've tried everything, what have you got to lose?

- by Daria3

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I bought one bottle of Oxyhives online a long time ago probably 3 years I am guessing. I Have been suffering from Cholinergic Urticaria for almost 7 years now. The first time I tried the Oxyhives I don't think it helped me. I am glad I saved the bottle though because I gave it another try about a month ago. It has really worked well for me the second time around. ***I must add that in order for Oxyhives to work it must be sprayed under tongue where the veins are so it absorbs into your blood stream fast. You should know you sprayed correctly if it burns*** perhaps the negative reviews come from those who have not sprayed correctly because believe me i have been quite angry thinking this product doesn't work!!! Many times I have to use the Oxyhives after I have already started to break out because sometimes my break outs are very difficult to predict or prepare for. It is horrible having to suffer with these hives but I am glad I can find some relief. I also use Bach Rescue Remedy with the Oxyhives. I am not sure if the combo works better than just Oxyhives alone but I am sticking with it. Good luck to you other hive sufferers.

- by Janet

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I had hives for 2+ miserable years. I started using OxyHives a few months after I stopped ingesting the original allergen, an excipient in a Rx. Drinking 70+ ounces of water per day helped me tremendously, but I still had some hives and extreme skin sensitivity on the lower part of my legs. So I tried OxyHives and within about 3 days I started to get some relief. Within 7 days my skin felt normal although I am still careful not to take hot showers. There are countless causes of hives, and the majority of people never know the cause of their hives. THIS PRODUCT WILL LIKELY WORK WELL FOR SOME CONDITIONS, LIKE MINE, AND WILL NOT WORK AT ALL FOR OTHERS. If your hives are due to an unknown cause, I do think OxyHives is worth a try for at least a couple of weeks.

- by Barn Owl

It actually worked for my husband whenever he felt a bit "itchy" as if the hives were going to come out again! Since the reviews were "half positive, half negative", he decided to try it anyways because we prefer using natural substances instead of prescription drugs.

- by D. Kelley

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